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Chris Harman

I was born in Colorado, USA and grew up with the majestic Rocky Mountain surroundings. I moved to Australia to study Ceramics
and Glass at the Australian National University in 2000. My passion and commitment to produce art is strong and confident.
I am very particular about my work having a high standard of quality both aesthetically, technically and conceptually.
After Uni I continued building up my Ceramic practice with at studio at Strathnairn Arts Association while I worked for local and
internationally acclaimed glass Artists as a studio assistant. I have spent many years building up my art practice and experience
through education, exhibiting locally, interstate and nationally. I have shown my work at Talente- Munich, Sofa –Chicago,
Collect – London, and Hong Kong. I have won awards and grants for my artistic achievements.
I currently work at The National Art Gallery of Australia and work productively in my studio located at Queanbeyan, NSW, towards commissions,
upcoming exhibitions and to develop my work.


Art Statement
By engineering multiple elements of a form and connecting them with an internal skeleton, I embody complex aesthetics into simple finishes. A continual fascination with plant formations, in particular cacti, succulents and fungi, are central to my research. I use bold and bright colours sourced from plants, such as reds, bright greens and yellows which create a striking or surreal sensibility. In contrast I also use sand blasted white porcelain with no colour, to reinforce the eye to focus on the simplicity and silhouette of a form. Like in nature scale of my work is defined by the size and number of elements connecting, creating a whole. The spacing or spine of my sculptures create positive and negative spaces within the form and guides the viewer on a journey of the internal and external space. This spacing also creates a deceptive defiance of gravity where constant tension and vulnerability can be alluded to. It is suggestive of the implications and fragility of life and mystery of how plants support their architecture and survive. My work imitates this plant growth as the components multiply mathematically, repetitively and geometrically and evolve from a base blooming upwards. Micro investigation reveals intricate glaze detail and texture, while stepping back enables the eye to engulf and explore the macro. It is the combination of palette and dynamic assemblage of form that is provocative in nature and evokes childhood memories of the innocence and excitement felt during play and explorations with the natural environment.

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